Jamala Wildlife Lodge, in Canberra, will bring out your wild side.
Jamala Wildlife Lodge, in Canberra, will bring out your wild side.

Top spots to have a bath across the country



With 5km of private coastline and not another soul for miles, guests are guaranteed to have Thalia's alfresco attraction all to themselves.

"It's something relaxing and really different because stepping outside in the nude is kind of naughty,” says owner Susan West of the famous tub on the holiday home's deck.

"It looks north across Great Oyster Bay, so you see a chain of islands unfolding like a necklace around the bay.

"If you sailed out from the bathtub and kept going you'd be in New Zealand.

"It's a bath, not a hot tub - we pump hot water to it - so you're listening to the sound of waves, not the sound of machinery.”

With an outdoor shower and sauna nearby (and the option of a bracing swim first) water babies can while away the hours.

"Dawn is outrageous, that's when you get the most beautiful colours in the sky,” Susan tips.

"At night, because we're so isolated and off the grid, you get the most amazing view of the Milky Way or the aurora if you're lucky.

"There's no ambient light for kilometres so the stars are amazing.”



Bathing at Jamala Wildlife Lodge can quickly become a spectator sport.

If you don't mind disrobing under the eye of the tiger, the lodge's Jungle Bungalow will bring out your wild side.

Sink into a pile of blissful bubbles with nothing but a glass wall to separate you from a pride of lions, cheetah, tigers or a Malayan sun bear.



Framing a panorama of untouched coastal wilderness, this luxury lodge on Kangaroo Island is the perfect spot for soaking up the scenery.

The best "seat” in the house, however, has to be in the hand-sculptured granite bath that takes pride of place in the premium Osprey Pavilion.

It's part of an open bathroom framing commanding views to the horizon, along with heated limestone floors and a deluxe rain shower to mix up your soak session.

You don't need to dry off for a change of scenery - an outdoor terrace with sun lounges and private plunge spa extend towards the ocean.



This oasis in the arid outback - on a 28,300ha working sheep and cattle station near Cunnamulla - is continually topped up by a free-flowing artesian bore.

The steady stream, naturally heated to a soothing 40 degrees, flows into rustic bathtubs for the benefit of guests.

While sunburnt-country views are dazzling by day, it's hard to outshine the magic of star-spangled Outback nights, best enjoyed with a cold beer in hand.

It's good, clean fun for campers keen to wash off the dust of the road. The property also has a private airstrip for fly in, fly out travellers.



Good things come to those who earn them. Tucked in the treetops, the remote Bay of Fires Lodge Spa is exclusive to those who tackle the Bay of Fires walk.

The centrepiece is a nature-wrapped private bathing pavilion overlooking secluded sandy beaches where you can soothe weary legs in a muscle-melting Tasmanian peat bath.

A protein and mineral-rich blend of natural Tasmanian peat is combined with grapefruit, neroli, sage and sandalwood for the full sensory experience.

Or choose the Jiga Jina soak to sink into a pretty-in-pink pool of salt crystals and fragrant native flowers, leaves and berries.