A crash near Sizzlers in Toowoomba has lead to a debate on road rules.
A crash near Sizzlers in Toowoomba has lead to a debate on road rules.

VIDEO: Toowoomba t-bone crash sparks mass debate

A VIDEO of a crash on the corner of Hume St and the James St is leaving the internet divided.

In the clip, posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, a car waits to turn right across oncoming traffic before being struck by a four-wheel drive travelling through the light.

At first sight, it would appear the smaller car is in the wrong, however a closer look is leading some to argue the inverse.

T-bone crash: T-bone crash in Toowoomba.
T-bone crash: T-bone crash in Toowoomba.

Moments before the crash, the light turns orange, leaving the car stuck in the middle of the intersection and prompting it to turn.

The four-wheel drive appears to skip through the orange light, leading to the crash. The light turns green for the oncoming traffic seconds later. 

The video amassed more than 400 comments in the space of 18 hours. Who do you believe is in the wrong?

Queensland road rules state that a driver that has moved forward into the intersection must complete the turn if the light turns yellow. 

"If the light is green and there are vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, you can move forward into the intersection past the stop line if you can do so safely," the Queensland Government states in its advice on turning right at traffic lights. 

"If there is a safe gap in oncoming traffic, you may complete the right turn. If you're in the intersection and the oncoming traffic continues until the lights turn yellow or red, you must complete the turn on the yellow or red light."

Drivers going straight through a set of traffic lights can only proceed through a yellow light if it is unsafe to stop. 

"If it's safe to stop, you must not drive past the stop line at the yellow traffic light or, if there is no stop line, the traffic light," the Queensland Government states.