Toowoomba couple fined for neglecting care of dogs

A DRAYTON couple have been ordered to pay more than $3000 each in fines and court and veterinary costs after admitting to failing to properly look after their two dogs.

RSPCA prosecutor Xuan Huynh told Toowoomba Magistrates Court that an RSPCA inspector had attended the home of Jillian-Leah Anne Maguire, 34, and Jamie Jan Dawidowicz, 35, October 27, last year, on a complaint that their dogs were emaciated with ribs and hip bones visible.

The inspector found Pepper, a 14-year-old tiger brindle desexed female English staffordshire bull terrier and the 13-year-old desexed male English staffordshire bull terrier, Latte, to be malnourished.

Maguire told the inspector that Latte had been having trouble putting on weight for two years and she agreed the dog needed to see a vet but she said she couldn't afford to take him to a vet.

She also agreed the dogs should have been fed a higher quality diet but that she couldn't afford better food, Ms Huynh said.

Latte also had a cancer on his leg, the court heard.

Though Maguire owned the dogs, both defendants were considered to be in charge of the dogs and responsible for their care.

Both pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to provide appropriate food and water and Maguire pleaded guilty to an extra charge of failing to provide appropriate treatment for an injury.

The dogs were taken into the care of the RSPCA and when presented food both had eaten "ravenously" and in the ensuing five weeks both dogs had put on more than 5kg, Ms Huynh said.

Both dogs had since been rehomed, the court heard.

Maguire and Dawidowicz were each fined $2000, of which 50% moiety was to go to the RSPCA, and each defendant was ordered to pay $1040 in legal, vet and court costs.

Each was prohibited from owning an animal pet for five years.