HIGH TEA: Have police found a marijuana tea maker in Park Beach.
HIGH TEA: Have police found a marijuana tea maker in Park Beach. NSW POLICE

Tip-off sees cops find pot stash and herb tea

PLENTY of pot was found in a raid on a Park Beach house.

Police said Target Action Group officers acted on information in searching a house in York St on Thursday at 9am.

The occupant, a 36-year-old man, reportedly didn't answer the door but was found in a bedroom after officers, gained entry, police said.

A search allegedly found three cannabis growing sites indoors and 16 cannabis plants were seized, police said.

Cannabis raid : HIGH TEA: Have police found a marijuana tea maker in Park Beach?

It is alleged another 30 small cannabis plants were found growing in and around the house.

Police also seized 16 grams of loose cannabis leaf along with 'other drug cultivation and supply paraphernalia.'

Of interest is that 4.2 kilos of green vegetable matter was found, which police believe to be a mixture of cannabis and other herbs and spices.

"These suspected cannabis mixtures are alleged to have been stored in separate containers based on their 'flavours' such as spearmint etc," police said.

"It is suspected that these mixtures are used as an administration method for the cannabis as a tea drink, as some had been bagged in white cloth which could be immersed into water.

"These mixtures will be sent for analysis to confirm its nature."

The seized drugs, including the tea mixtures pending analysis, are expected to have an estimated potential street value of over $167,000, police said. 

The man was arrested and taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station, where he was charged with two counts of cultivating cannabis and one count of possess prohibited drug.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at the Coffs Harbour Local Court on November 13.

Police said investigations are ongoing.

"We know that cannabis can be added to other foods, and overseas in areas where cannabis is legal, it is added to soft drinks and lollies, but this is a first where I have seen it being allegedly prepared as a tea drink," Coffs/Clarence crime manager, Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said.

"What is shows is how dangerous this drug is, and the alleged lengths that those that peddle this life-long debilitating drug into the community will go to. Particularly if the mixtures turn out to be, in fact, cannabis.

"The reality is that we have been able to disrupt this cannabis racket here locally, and I'll say to those that continue to use cannabis and support those that profit off death and misery in the community, grow up.

"You are not teenagers experimenting anymore, seek help and give up the pot," he said.