Tiaro woman claims juror was biased against her

A TIARO woman has told Queensland's highest court she was not given a fair trial because she and one of the jurors had a falling out years earlier.

Jacqueline Woodwardwas found guilty at Maryborough District Court of unlawful wounding and wilful damage following an alleged January 2014 crash. 

But on Wednesday, Woodward took her case to the Queensland Court of Appeal where she said she was not given a fair trial. 

Woodward told the court on her trial's first day she noticed a juror glaring angrily at her. She told the court she recognised the woman but could not remember who she was until later that night she realised the juror was a person she had a "considerable dispute" with some years before.

"I strongly believe this woman would not have been able to approach this trial without considerable bias," she said.

Woodward told the court she told her lawyer about her concerns and asked for him to apply for that juror to be removed. 

"My lawyer said it didn't matter," she said.

"I asked for that juror to be removed and he threw his hands up in the air and said 'There'll be no mistrial today'."

But Justice Anthe Philippidessaid Woodward did not object to that juror being selected at the trial's opening. Justice Philippedes said the jury took an oath and the trial judge directed them to be impartial.

But Woodward said the oath did not stop the wrong people from getting into juries. 

"I realise (the juror's oath) does occur, but I also realise that there are people on juries who should not be there. I think everyone in this court knows that," she said.

Crown prosecutor Jodie Wooldridgesaid the trial judge had given the jury directions to be impartial. She said it was not unreasonable on the evidence for the jury to have found Woodward guilty.

The court will publish its decision at a future date.

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