Leaking roofs dominated the call-outs for local SES crews.
Leaking roofs dominated the call-outs for local SES crews.

SES crews thanked for storm response

THUMBS UP: To the amazing efforts of the Coffs Harbour State Emergency Service volunteers who responded to some 70 call-outs during the torrential rain event this week. Unpaid, totally voluntary but oh so important and essential. Give it up for the men and women in the orange jumpsuits.


THUMBS DOWN to the people who persist on driving through floodwater despite the warnings, including the front page of last Saturday's paper. We saw one car float away off Hogbin Dr. People, let that serve as a lesson. If you are in a sedan or smaller vehicle you just shouldn't doit.


THUMBS DOWN to the weekly local cause of people trying to make a statement for attention. Protesting against well-cared-for animals brought to a town for the enjoyment of adults and children alike.


THUMBS UP to the Busways bus driver who safely escorted an elderly lady across Combine St on Thursday afternoon. What a gentleman.


THUMBS UP to the nurses and staff at Coffs Base surgical ward. Care and attention beyond their duties and just nice people as well. Thank you.


THUMBS DOWN to Coffs Harbour local businesses turning down excellent applicants without any explanation as to why. Does Coffs actually want to grow as an economy?


THUMBS DOWN to the teeny-weeny mirror in Gale St, Coramba, opposite Dorrigo St, which is too small to see oncoming traffic around the bend and impossible to see early morning or late evening. Appalling and dangerous.


THUMBS UP to Coffs Harbour for having awesome camping spots.


THUMBS DOWN to all the residents in Platts Cl who work all day and their dogs bark all day.


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