Three month fishing ban in Nymboida and Mann rivers

FISHING is banned in the Mann and Nymboida Rivers for the next three months with large fines for anyone found breaking the law.

Department of Primary Industries director fisheries compliance Glenn Tritton said the closure of the river from August 1 to October 31 was designed to protect the endangered Eastern Freshwater Cod during its breeding season.

The closed waters include; The Mann River and all of its tributaries (including the Boyd River) upstream of its junction with the Clarence River and the Nymboida River and its tributaries from its junction with the Mann River upstream to Platypus Flat.

The closure does not apply to notified trout waters which are regulated separately.

Anyone found fishing or in possession of fishing gear that is capable of being used, in, on or adjacent to the closed waters, faces on-the-spot fines of $500 with maximum penalties of up to $22,000, six-month's jail for a first offence and $44,000, 12-month's jail for a subsequent offence.

In addition to the three-month fishing restrictions in the Mann and Nymboida Rivers, and because of the endangered status of eastern freshwater cod, anyone found to be targeting or in possession of eastern freshwater cod at any time or place face penalties of $2500-$220,000, two-year's jail.

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