Threat to our beaches

A LOT of questions must now be asked about both “concrete” plans to build hard structures along Jetty Beach and recent discussions about building seawalls at Woolgoolga.

Can Coffs council guarantee building a concrete amphitheatre at the northern end of the Jetty Beach will not lead to the loss of the sandy beach in front of it?

Does councillor John Arkan realise building a seawall at Woolgoolga main beach will lead to loss of the sand surrounding the wall?

Do the residents of Woolgoolga and business owners relying on tourism want the sand on Woolgoolga main beach endangered by a seawall?

One only has to look to Byron Bay and Belongil Beach to understand the great costs and risks associated with building hard structures along semi-fluid sandy coastlines.

Our sandy beaches are among our most valuable tourism assets. In the case of Jetty Beach this is our only safe and family friendly beach in all but the worst of swell.

In the case of the Jetty Beach if we wish to make use of grant funding and have an amphitheatre then it should be built back from the beachfront and used for performances, festivals and community gatherings – this would result in a beneficial situation for our community, our economy and our environment.

Mark Graham, Coffs Harbour