JAILED: A Warwick man will spend one month in jail for supplying dangerous drugs.
JAILED: A Warwick man will spend one month in jail for supplying dangerous drugs. kaspiic

'These drugs are getting down to these kids, I'm p---ed off'

"THESE drugs are getting down to these kids and I'm p---ed off."

A Warwick magistrate has slammed the rising number of youths facing court for drug offences, saying he's been consistently concerned about Warwick's drug issue.

Bevan Manthey, who has presided over Warwick Magistrates Court for four and a half years, said he was particularly concerned about the number of drug-supply charges people were facing and he believed illicit substances were trickling down to youths.

"I've seen a marked increase in young juveniles coming in this court with drug-type offences, they are getting it from somewhere," Mr Manthey said.

Mr Manthey slammed drug suppliers in court yesterday while sentencing a Warwick man to jail time for supplying marijuana.

Lawyer Phil Crook said Ricky James Jobson, 20, and his partner Mikayla Leigh Jackson, 19, were supplying drugs for financial reasons.

Jobson pleaded guilty to 19 drug supply charges, among other charges, and was sentenced to nine months jail with a parole release date in one month.

The charges were related to supplying marijuana in October and November last year.

During sentencing, Mr Manthey said Jobson was a "persistent offender" who faced court before with drug supply charges.

"Anything other than a period of imprisonment that doesn't have a period of actual time would be sending the wrong message, not just to him but to other members in the community," Mr Manthey said.

Jobson was also disqualified from driving for one year.

Jackson pleaded guilty to three supplying dangerous drugs charges, for small amounts of marijuana, as well as possessing dangerous drugs and utensils.

She was sentenced to 12 months probation.