Fish Market Safety
Fish Market Safety

There’s something fishy about this thief

A man who stole a kilogram of prawns, plus fish along with two televisions from two separate locations and assaulted a security guard was suffering a downward mental health spiral.

Graham Keith Fisher, 38, pleaded guilty on January 4 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to multiple stealing charges on dishonesty offence and a common assault offence.

The court heard Fisher first stole a padlock from Key Cut Services on February 13 with the other offences committed later.

He had been sentenced for theft and drugs matters two weeks prior to the padlock theft.


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Police prosecutor Sargeant Shaun Janes said many punches were thrown at the security guard, but there were no injuries.

He said Fisher stole two televisions, worth $249 and $149, from the Allenstown and Rockhampton City Australia Post shops.

Sgt Janes said one of the televisions was traded for $60 cash at King Cash Exchange.

Defence lawyer Felicity Davis said her client had long-term mental health issues and his mental health spiralled out of control after the breakdown of a relationship 10 years ago which left him unable to see his children as often as he would like.

She said Fisher had been working casually at a butchery and his goal was to get full-time work so he could buy a car to visit his children more often.

Fisher was ordered to pay $554.45 in restitution and put on a 12 months probation.

Convictions were recorded.