Australia should be proud of its Aboriginal people and heritage.
Australia should be proud of its Aboriginal people and heritage.

THEIR SAY: The voice of Kabi Kabi children

The stories you are reading were written by three young aboriginal girls. It is our right to make sure our young people's voices are heard.

- Your skin is your medal so wear it with pride, don't listen to these people who hate just ignore. You have the body of a goddess and a voice so loud it needs to be heard. No longer will my people be treated like this. Aboriginal people are the heart of this country so disrespecting us is disrespecting the land you call home. Our people who kept this land alive for all these years will always be the traditional owners. I will not stand for our people being ignored. Today I stand proud and strong as a beautiful Aboriginal woman. 15year old girl

- It doesn't matter where you come from if your black or white, lets stand together as our nations unite. Racism should never be a must just be proud of who you are don't worry about your colour because we all share this world with one another and at the end of the day we all came out a mother. Learn something new about a cultural background because the people you live around aren't all the same so stop the hating on different ways misunderstood cultures always getting the blame. 15year old girl

- It doesn't matter the colour of your skin. We should always be treated the same. We should always have our rights. Indigenous people shouldn't be treated like survives when we are all same it doesn't matter what culture we are from we shouldn't be treated like a no body. We shouldn't need to beg for things. 17year old girl