PERSONAL CHEERLEADER: When someone has faith in your abilities, you start to have faith in yourself.
PERSONAL CHEERLEADER: When someone has faith in your abilities, you start to have faith in yourself. mheim3011

The power of belief

LAST week Nick and I completed a personal/professional development program called Heartstyles.

It's a version of a 360-degree feedback instrument that identifies how you view where you are in life compared with how others view that.

As you might imagine it provides insight and can be, for some, highly challenging depending on what you are expecting, yet it offers the opportunity to understand more about ourselves, others' perception of us and the changes we'd like to make to improve how we engage with the world.

As part of the program we shared stories, insights, wisdom and experience, which I always find helpful as a reference point to shape my thinking and the way I work.

There was one simple comment in particular that I got a lot from and thought you might too. It's about belief.

The comment was in relation to what makes an effective leader and was about having a constant "belief in others”.

To me that is a crucial point and there are a couple of thoughts that come to mind as a result.

The first is that a leader who believes in those around them and their ability to succeed offers ongoing support, training, mentoring, coaching, whatever is needed to help them develop and thrive in their role.

The second is around our individual mindset.

Many of us lack belief in ourselves and our ability to do some things and if that happens it has the potential to negatively impact our motivation and results.

It's at those times having someone who believes in us can make all the difference and when I reflected on my own life I recognised several examples of when that has happened for me.

When someone offers that unwavering belief in us and offers support, a helping hand or encouragement to get us started, for example a new role or job that we had dismissed or hadn't considered, it has the power to change our perspective about ourselves and the situation and allows us to understand more about our capabilities.

In this way we are gradually able to build our confidence and self-belief, which results in the rewiring of our brain.

Our thoughts are shifted away from the negative and dis-empowering beliefs that hold us back and new neural pathways are created to support our new, positive belief and guide our actions in future.

Simply believing in someone and supporting them when they are not able to believe in themselves for any reason is a wonderful gift and one that, once experienced, is worth paying forward.

Do you know anyone who might benefit?