STEERING THE SHIP: Thane Duncan is the new CEO of the Park Beach Bowling Club.
STEERING THE SHIP: Thane Duncan is the new CEO of the Park Beach Bowling Club. Sam Flanagan

The man breathing life into the Park Beach Bowling Club

PARK Beach Bowling Club is under fresh leadership and the venue's ambitious new captain isn't afraid to change things up.

Thane Duncan was in charge of Urunga Bowls Club for the last 14 years but has made the small relocation north to breathe life back into Park Beach.

"I loved Urunga and had the opportunity to build a new club down there after the flood event in 2009,” Thane said.

"But there just comes a point in time in your working life where you can sit back and continue doing what you want to do or you can go challenge yourself, and that's what I enjoy.”

While Park Beach only has one more bowling green than Urunga, Thane said the raw numbers which float through the door on a daily basis is the biggest difference between the two.

"Going from one business you have working well and then going to another you've got to start from scratch is a challenge.”

"This club has plenty of potential, it's just about allowing it to reach that potential.

"It's in a really great spot and has some strong points of business.

"It's about making it all work together.”

Thane's approachable nature has already made him a hit with staff and members alike, though he isn't afraid to make tough decisions in the best interest of the business.

"Any change, especially in a club, can be met with restriction at first because people will say 'but this is how we've done it for 20 or 30 years.”

"One of the first things I did was introduce lower membership fees for our bowlers. At the end of the day we're a bowling club and that's our core activity.

"Though we did raise social memberships.

"This business has got a long list of things we need to replace and put back into over the next five years... I need to look after the club's short and long-term liabilities.

"If you're not evolving in the club game your business can quite quickly be under pressure.”

Thane said the club industry has changed dramatically over the last two decades as it's harder to entice people to come outdoors.

He said the key is to offer a point of difference worth travelling for.

"You have to make value for their visit and give them something they're either going to feel their benefiting from or they feel a part of.”

"Most people won't travel for pokies, Foxtel or the TAB, because everyone has them now. What makes us different is our food, and people will travel for good food.”