ROCKING IT: Piper and Kendel Hall with Elicia and Curtis Bull.
ROCKING IT: Piper and Kendel Hall with Elicia and Curtis Bull. Trevor Veale

The latest craze bringing our families together

THE Coramba Rocks game was started innocently by long time local Joy Cooper and her children last Sunday and since then, a Coffs Rocks game has also started up and, between the two, almost 200 people have joined in the fun.

The idea is that children paint, colour or decorate some rocks and hide them in public parks/play areas to be found and enjoyed by other children.

On the back of the rock is the Facebook symbol and the words Coramba Rocks or Coffs Rocks, so the finders know where to go to reveal their discovery. The children can then choose to either re-hide the rocks they found or paint their own rocks and hide somewhere to continue the fun.

Mrs Cooper said got the idea from the NSW Rocks Facebook page.

"The kids are always looking for something to do during the school holidays and I thought it would be great to get a local one going,” she said.

"My kids loved treasure hunts when they were smaller, I suggested we start something like this and they thought it would be great fun to set up for other kids to enjoy.”

Within 24 hours of setting up the Coramba Rocks Facebook group and hiding their own rocks at Coramba CWA Park, Joy and her children had dozens of people joining in and some very happy children finding decorated rocks in the CWA Park at Coramba.

Two days later the Coffs Rocks group started up, with rocks being hidden in parks from Emerald Beach to Sawtell and everywhere in between.

"We've had lots of private messages and posts in the group, everyone seems to be enjoying it,” Mrs Cooper said.

"It's great to see the kids getting outside, having fun and seeing others enjoy their work too.”