The ioCamper turns a regular campervan into an apartment.
The ioCamper turns a regular campervan into an apartment.

Cool campervan hides entire apartment inside

IT'S the ultimate flatpack flat.

This might look like a regular campervan, but it expands into an entire apartment.

The ioCamper can transform to four times its original size, housing four people in four separate full-size beds - all simply controlled through your mobile phone.

As well as sleeping quarters, the expandable home comes with a kitchen, toilet, solar panels and dining area.

Mechanical engineer Tamas Laczko first came up when he realised there was little difference between the cost of a hotel and a caravan. He decided to try to find a compromise between the two, to get the transportability of the caravan and the space of the hotel room.

For two-and-a-half years, Hungarian-based Tamas worked on 3D plans for his spacious, movable apartment.

It wasn't until the 20th version, however, that the designer felt confident enough in his plans to show them to family and friends.

He said: "I started to search the web for a compact camping-insert box for the van's cargo.

"After a comprehensive search, I had to come to the conclusion that a device with appropriate comfort didn't exist.

"At this point I decided to design an expandable apartment house that can be inserted into the existing van's cargo - and could be simply removed from there whenever."

Tamas is now hoping to get some crowd-funding to get his design off the ground.

He hopes by January 2019, a workshop of the right size and tools will be available to work on producing the models. As well as commercial use, Tamas has suggested that the ioCamper could be used for emergency housing during natural disasters.

The designer believes the final model will cost around the same price as a four-berth caravan.

"The main benefit of the ioCamper is that the small size closed box can be put into almost any existing van.

"You do not need to transform your van to a motorhome spending plenty of money, and do not need to modify anything on your van.

"So you won't lose your van's original functions. You'll be able to carry goods or people with it in the future."