Chamber Talk with Ipswich Chamber of Commerce president Brett Kitching.
Chamber Talk with Ipswich Chamber of Commerce president Brett Kitching.

Emotional resilience now essentail for business

THERE was an unusual topic last week at the well-attended Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suncorp Bank Business Leaders Breakfast. The guest speaker was Dennis Hoiberg and the interesting topic was that of emotional resilience.

Dennis explained how important it is for business owners, and indeed anyone, to develop as much emotional resilience as possible. This is due in part to the extra stresses caused in the modern day as a result of information overload due to the electronic age.

As Dennis explained, two causes of this extra stress on especially small business owners, are firstly the largely increased volume of electronic information and messages distributed in the new age, and secondly the increase of instantly available information on "traumatic events" wherever they are occurring across the world.

Add these two results of the electronic age to a traumatic or negative event at home such as floods or difficult economic times and it is apparent that emotional resilience is required in greater measure than ever before.

The points that Dennis made were that developing emotional resilience is a process, not an event, and secondly it is vital to look after yourself in business. If you don't look after you, then you risk everything crumbling including your business, family life, and friends.

There is a much higher trend of anxiety or depression in today's society, due in his belief, to increased stress and worry, leading to feelings of anxiousness, leading to poor sleep, which finally leads to anxiety or depression. The key, to breaking this cycle is to develop emotional resilience in the first place.

Hints Dennis gave to build emotional resilience and to be able to bounce forward after a crisis, were to become a positive person by setting goals and employing positive thinking, to regularly release the pressure valve, and to always be conscious of looking after yourself and not over-extending your limits.

While this was a different sort of topic for a traditional Chamber or Business event, it was a timely reminder for all in business to build emotional resilience.


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