DVD REVIEW: Busting the myths of history's biggest legends


Reviewer: Megan Mackander

Verdict: 3 stars 

THE Garden of Eden marked both the beginning of humanity and the fall of mankind.

A wonderful haven for Adam and Eve, but is this mystical place more than a myth or a reference in the Bible? This is one of the "myths" that are proved or busted in a scholarly investigation in season two of Myth Hunters.

This four-disk set has 13 episodes told in a variety of ways, switching from scholarly interviews, ancient book excerpts, illustrations or recreation vision.

This series takes a scientific or scholarly look at history, from the Garden of Eden to Joan of Arc, the lost jewels of Helen of Troy and a look into whether King Arthur was in fact real.

Other episodes look at the Nazis' search for the Holy Grail, the true story of the crystal skulls of the Solomon Islands and the Americans who hunted for the pirate treasure of Vietnam.

History buffs will find this series fascinating. Those who aren't will find this just as dull as they did when they were forced to watch similar programs on a TV bolted to a stand on wheels in high school.

I loved the Joan of Arc episode where experts debated whether the blackened bones put in a jar labelled "the remains of Joan of Arc" and left on a shelf for centuries in a Parisian chemist attic were in fact those of the legendary woman. The episode contains lots of great archive footage related to the Patron Saint of France. It's one of those "wow, wish I had found it" moments that you can only dream of.

The season is hit and miss, some episodes more interesting than others. If you're a history buff, it's worth checking out Myth Hunters season 2 or start back at season 1.