TEDX: Morgahna Godwin developed an app called Manage Endo to help manage the life-altering symptoms of endometriosis.
TEDX: Morgahna Godwin developed an app called Manage Endo to help manage the life-altering symptoms of endometriosis. contributed

TEDX SPEAKER: 'Our female healthcare crisis'

FOUNDER of Manage Endo, Morgahna Godwin is many things - a graphic designer, entrepreneur, boss lady and advocate for women who, like herself, have lived with endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a painful and complex condition, where similar tissue aligns the womb, also grows in various parts of the body, including muscles, joints, lungs and even the brain.

The tissue can be removed but eventually grows back and there is no cure, or known cause.

"The health system is built for acute illnesses but holistic healthcare for chronic illness is essential," Ms Godwin said.

"I think we've found ourselves in a bit of a female healthcare crisis, partly because we don't talk about our anatomy and that shouldn't be a shameful thing or an invisible thing and it is important to talk about it."

Ms Godwin decided to sell Manage Endo earlier this year, when she decided the time was right, but her work is not yet done.

"My intention was never to exploit my own lived experience for some kind of commercial gain, it became evident to me before the sale that it was time for it to benefit an organisation who can then take that profit and do something with it, like research and build awareness about endometriosis and other conditions, like PROS," Ms Godwin said.

"The vision was to always have a post-surgery management pathway for endometriosis and while entrepreneurship is something that is in the fabric of who I am, this had to go to someone that had the depth and experience to keep the hard work going."

Ms Godwin said her "bread and butter" was being a graphic designer and brain strategist and Manage Endo made her realise that her true passion lies within impact projects.

"I almost died on an operating table and moments like that make you realise that adding impact whenever you can is the most fulfilling thing, because it could be over so quickly," Ms Godwin said.

"If you don't love what you're doing or you're not fully passionate about it, don't do it." The businesswoman and advocate will be speaking at the TEDx event tomorrow, at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

"My talk will mainly focus on my journey with chronic illness and how I've found a certain freedom in that," Ms Godwin said.

"For me, TEDx is about finding out about other people's lives and that's how we build our empathy, tolerance, kindness and compassion."