Team digs up Aboriginal history around Toowoomba bypass

WHILE the debate rages on over what the Toowoomba Second Crossing will be named, important work continues on uncovering the Aboriginal history in the area.

James Bonner is the project manager of Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage consultancy group Jagera Daran which has been working for months, uncovering priceless Aboriginal stone artefacts and settlements.

The group is in the final stage of its investigations which include cultural and archaeological excavations in the Lockyer Valley.

Its members are in a race against time to chronicle Aboriginal history before the bypass is built and it is lost forever.

Mr Bonner said a cursory look at the ground surface could be deceiving, with the dirt often concealing hidden secrets.

The team has uncovered piles of stone tools and charcoal from fire places which will be carbon dated.

Locations near waterholes and creeks harboured the biggest concentrations of artefacts.

"Once you start digging you find the old stuff," Mr Bonner said.

He said Australia was crying out for a culture to call its own, but that it already had one.

"If you call yourself Australian, this is your heritage," he said.

Mr Bonner hopes the information will be used for education purposes, and particularly for university studies.