HEART BREAK: A young family has been left without cars after two break ins over the weekend.
HEART BREAK: A young family has been left without cars after two break ins over the weekend. Rachel Vercoe

Targeted by low lifes

AS first-time parents to one month old Matilda, Jackson Russel and Indya Shaw have been thrown all sorts of obstacles - including a weekend of break ins.

Jackson and Indya woke up on Saturday morning at their rental house on Elderberry Way to see their house keys sitting in the front door, looked outside and realised Jackson's work car was gone.

"I came back inside and looked in the kitchen to see they'd climbed through the front window, come round the front and tried the different keys for the car outside.

"They've obviously used one of the sets of keys to come back in and get a different set before driving off. It was found burnt out near the sewerage works in Sawtell,” Jackson said.

"The guy who lives across the road, his car was broken into eight months ago as well,” Indya said.

To add more pain to the family, with a newborn girl in the house and one car missing, Jackson and Indya spent all day Sunday making sure everything was secure only to have another break in that night.

"They came back on Sunday night and took my car out of the garage,” Indya said.

"I was lying in bed awake on my phone when I heard my car start. I hesitated to come out because I was scared someone was going to be out there.

Indya woke Jackson and called the police.

"Not only are the cars gone, it's Matilda's pram and the capsule too so we can't go anywhere at all, we can't even leave the house,” she said.

"They jammed a screw driver in the lock on the garage and knocked the whole thing out,” Jackson said.

"People have offered to let us borrow their cars but we don't want to bring them here, they've already come back and taken two. It's bad enough that they were ours, imagine if it was someone else's.”

Matilda was born on Valentine's Day and at three days, doctors heard a heart murmur and she was flown to Westmead Children's hospital in Newcastle where she had a balloon put in near her heart so blood could flow easily through her body.

With a lot on their plate, Indya's car uninsured and financially strung out because of Matilda's appointments, the family are deciding their next move.