Tamworth fixtures offer tough challenge for Suns

20th May 2017 4:30 AM
Jah Soloai dribbles down the court in the Waratah League for the Coffs Harbour Suns. basketball 11 March 2017 Sportz Central SIZABLE CONTRIBUTION: When he's on the court for the Coffs Harbour Suns, Jah Soloai offers his team plenty of big man presence. Brad Greenshields

BOTH of the Coffs Harbour Suns Waratah League teams face a challenging road trip to Tamworth.

For the men and women teams, a victory is needed this evening to stay in touch with the top echelon of their respective competitions.

The female Suns are rated a better than 50-50 chance of overcoming the Thunderbolts, but the men's team faces a tougher challenge.

Tamworth's men currently sit on top of the Division 1 table with only one loss against them.

In fact, Tamworth have only lost twice in the past 15 years at the Thunderdome.

Suns coach Blake Kelly said even with those figures in mind, he's confident his team can pull off an upset.

"I think it's a really good opportunity because we don't have anything to lose," Kelly said.

"We're sort of sitting around the mark and people are trying to figure out if we're going to be a contender or not so I think it's going to be good.

"We match up really well against them.

"I like our size and I like how we've been playing differently compared to when we played them last time and I think we've got that right mixture of people to really upset what they do."

One thing the Suns have this year that it's lacked in the past is size. And they have plenty of it.

One player who definitely makes the Suns a stronger outfit with his work under the boards is Jah Soloai.

Kelly said he's a big fan of the centre but not just for the presence he has on court.

"He (Soloai) is huge on the court but he's huge off the court," he said.

"He's really good in the community, he's good with the kids."

The women start this evening's double header at 4pm.

Tamworth Thunderbolts v Coffs Harbour Suns
Women start at 4pm. Men start at 6pm.