BURGLARS ABOUT: Security measures are vital as the peak season for home break-ins arrives.
BURGLARS ABOUT: Security measures are vital as the peak season for home break-ins arrives. File

Summer the time to stop break-in crime

MORE than one thousand home owners have been asked by Crime Stoppers to comment on their security practices and the survey shows how many basics are overlooked.

Summer holidays bring the peak season for villains and every year, somewhere in Australia, a family is likely to report a brazen burglary in another part of the house while they were sitting down to the Christmas meal.

The Break-In Busters report shows 94 per cent of home owners currently rely on locks as their primary home security measure.

Yet, 35 per cent say they're not confident in their locks and almost one third worry their doors and windows make them an easy target for burglars.

When it comes to break-ins, personal safety is the biggest concern with 59 per cent worried about the family if confronted by and an intruder.

The research also highlights how some are putting their property at risk by relying on ineffective practices.

Hiding valuables in drawers, in the freezer or in the toilet tank might not save them from being stolen as thieves know these practices and are some of the first places they check.

The crooks are wise to other tricks such as fake beware-of-the-dog signs and dummy surveillance cameras or alarm systems.

While the report showed 57 per cent worry about the coast of installing adequate security, police offer a few guidelines that should be followed whatever the cost.

Install sensor lights outside and lock garages and garden sheds so thieves cannot use tools to make it easier to gain entry.

Security doors and dead locks are a huge deterrent and if the budget stretches further, put keyed locks on every window and entry point.

It will pay you in the long run.