Rain comes down in the Coffs Harbour CBD.
Rain comes down in the Coffs Harbour CBD.

Batten the hatches for wet summer

THE Coffs Coast is in for a wet summer, starting with a Christmas drenching, according to weather forecasters.

All the predictions are tipping there to be no let-up until March.

The damp news is contained in the latest national season rainfall outlook, forecasting Northern NSW to experience a wetter season than normal from January.

The outlook comes on top of a soggy 2011 with local falls about a third over the long term average

Up until Tuesday morning, the city's bureau gauge had recorded 2251.8mm for the year.

A calculated weather check through eldersweather.com.au shows the Coffs Coast has received 159 days where rain fell out of 354 days.

On average Coffs Harbour gets wet 140 days each year.

The Bureau of Meteorology says: "a persistently warm Indian Ocean and cool conditions in the tropical Pacific associated with the La Nina are driving the summer outlook."

December has not only been wet but cooler. The daily maximum temperature in Coffs Harbour has barley reached 25C, with the highest temperature for the month just 25.3C on December 11.

Tom Saunders, senior meteorologist from The Weather Channel, said the mild temperatures and wet weather was due to the La Nina weather pattern.

The dreary conditions are predicted to set in later today and tomorrow with rain over Christmas.