Scott Amon shows the non flowing creek where a blueberry farm is pumping water from.
Scott Amon shows the non flowing creek where a blueberry farm is pumping water from.

‘Sucking the living guts’ out of creek

WITH over 10,000 views in just two weeks, one man has voiced his concerns about blueberry farmers irrigating their crops by pumping from local waterways.

Livestock farmer, Scott Amon from Valla posted a video on social media late last month calling out blueberry farmers pumping water out of near dry creeks, saying he has had a gut full.

“I’ve seen it for ten years or more in Crossmaglen Valley, here in Valla now. It’s an absolute disgrace the way you treat the environment,” Scott said in the video.

With the creek stagnant and not flowing in the background of the video, Scott claims it’s ‘dying’ because of how dry it is and fish are gasping for oxygen, yet blueberry farmers are continuing to pump from it.

“We’ve got fish gasping for oxygen in this creek and this is what you’re doing. Sucking the living guts out of it with zero flow.

Finishing off the video by saying he’d had a gut full, the post was shared by the public 253 times in two weeks.

The following day Scott took to social media once more with an update on the situation after contacting the relevant authority, the Natural Resources Access Regulator.

“The bottom line is, it’s a complex issue. I knew for a fact that the people had water rights to pump but I don’t believe any of us have got water rights to pump for the purpose of irrigation anyway.

“Live stock watering is a bit different. But for the purpose of irrigation, I don’t believe we’re allowed to when the creek stops flowing.

He calls out not all of the blueberry industry, but the people doing the wrong thing.

“The creeks in dire straits. It’s painful for everyone but it’s even more painful when people have no regard for looking after the environment.

“I guess we’ve just got to fight it as best we can.”