Bonnie Bunk bed from Focus on Furniture.
Bonnie Bunk bed from Focus on Furniture. Focus on Furniture

Style: Make your kid's bedroom fun and functional

WHEN I was a child, a great bedroom was one that was your own. An even greater bedroom had two single beds or, better yet, bunk beds. The bunk bed option was perfect for sleepovers (bags the top) and for general horseplay.

Now children seem to demand a double or queen size bed - and they sure don't want to share that bedroom with any siblings. But before they start demanding king-size bedroom suites, there's that super sweet age where nothing beats a playful kid's bedroom.

Bunk beds in particular have been styled up recently. Designs can incorporate all manner of childhood fantasies. There's plenty of princess options and space-aged bunks as well as cosy, pod-like bunks, racing car beds, tepee beds and space-saving trundle beds.

The choice of bed for your child's room will depend on more practical aspects than the fantasy based themes. The age of your child and how much space you have are paramount to choosing well.

If your child doesn't like the bunk bed option, but you're short on space, consider a loft bed or a trundle bed. Loft beds best work best when the ceiling is high, and trundle beds can be stored under the bed and are pulled out when required.

When your child is up and running, a sturdy bed and a good-quality mattress will provide a growing body the support it needs and will also survive the inevitable jumping on the bed horseplay.