Fashion by Graziela.
Fashion by Graziela. Contributed

Style: Label draws on the best of Brazil for new collection

BRAZILIAN-BORN Graziela Oborn uses her heritage to inspire her designs, making every piece a personal experience she shares with women of the world.

Her latest collection, Bittersweet Melodies, is the perfect example of this, embracing the culture, adversities and influences to create fashion art.

"Bittersweet Melodies was inspired by the powerful women in my life, but also my memories of growing up in Brazil," Sydney-based Graziela says.

"For each of my collections I love to add a twist to my pieces, offering a little more than the eye can see, such as the reversible bomber jacket and the lace skirt with removable ruffle.

"There are pieces in the collection that you would wear to work, on a flirty date or on the weekend with friends.

"I create designs that are ultra versatile and wearable in any occasion."


Fashion by Graziela.
Graziela Oborn says her clothing designs are made for women of all shapes. Contributed

Graziela's Brazilian background inspires the fit, feel and flow of her clothes.

"Inspiration for me comes from memories and feelings ... it changes often, depending on how I'm feeling at the time I start designing a new range," she says.

"This season I was really inspired by my Spanish heritage. My grandmother talked about her Spanish parents with so much love, I always wished I had met them.

"I also drew inspiration from Brazil's toreros and flamenco dancers. Although I like to think that every woman can wear Graziela, our collections speak to women looking for something unique.

"Our cuts are designed to flatter every age, shape and body and we welcome all women to love and wear Graziela."

The name gives it away, but there's heart and soul in every Graziela piece.

"After working with fast fashion companies and seeing how workers are treated and how we are producing fashion, I wanted to start an ethical label with a difference," Graziela says.

"Designing a collection is a very personal experience for me, and that's why my designs are so unique."


Fashion by Graziela.
Fashion by Graziela. Contributed