Dusting and floors ideally should be done weekly.
Dusting and floors ideally should be done weekly. iStock

Style is nothing without spot of cleaning

For years I have been a fan of Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming of the Spotless series of books fame. Recently on a road trip, I heard Shannon Lush interviewed and she is still coming up with magic solutions and loads of lovely nerdy tips on how to clean just about anything.

The Spotless phenomenon is responsible for introducing bi-carb soda and white vinegar, plus a range of common cleaning remedies to millions of Australian households. So what are some basic guidelines and time frames to maintaining a sparkling clean house? Here are some tips I've gleaned from their numerous books and radio shows.


Change your sheets every week and don't forget to clean your mattress. To do this, you sprinkle some bi-carb soda on the mattress, let it settle and then vacuum it. Clean your mattress protectors, pillows and doonas every six months, but once a month, place them in a sunny position in your backyard or on a deck - there's nothing quite like sunshine to freshen bedding.

Bathrooms, the space we would hope is cleanest, is often the least clean because the constant humidity fosters mould. Clean your shower and bath weekly, plus toilets and sink areas, and don't forget to clean toothbrush holders, which can be an overlooked site for nasties to gather.

Dusting and floors ideally should be done weekly as well, with windows monthly and upholstery and carpet cleaning ideally professionally cleaned every 12 months. Phew! It's not easy, but it's worth it. However you decorate your home, nothing beats a lushly cleaned home for style.