Fashion label Lavee

Style: Designer's love of travel reflected in her new label

10th September 2017 5:00 AM

AFTER years of experience in the Australian fashion industry, Mia Lavee is ready to share her designs with the world that inspired them.

Mia's warm, washed palette, launched this month, sweeps through rusty coral, primrose yellow and sunset blue. It was an ode to her adventures in South America, but has ended up hitting closer to home.

"I began work on the label about a year ago; it just felt like it was the right time," Mia says.

"I had been travelling a lot and it generated a lot of new ideas, which accumulated along the way to the point where I felt like I really should do something with them.


Fashion label Lavee for Gold Coast Eye fashion
Fashion label Lavee for Gold Coast Eye fashion

"This collection was designed while I was in South America, but after I saw it all together it struck me that it also really reflected a classically Australian colour palette."

The spring-summer debut of 16 styles, from flowing maxi dresses to a geometric shift, also showcases Mia's love of luxury fabrics: airy silk-cotton voile, rich silk faille, geometric lace and crisp wool-silk, with hints of metallic and leather.

"Because I tend to design on-the-fly, so to speak, I'm not really looking to other fashion for inspiration," she says.

"I really get disproportionately excited when it comes to selecting colour palettes, which is usually the first step in my design process, so the combinations are strong and occasionally unexpected."

Mia's goal is to make her garments beautiful inside and out.

"A lot of my endeavours with launching the label have been trying to keep our footprint as small as possible by using things like 100% recycled packaging and carbon-neutral delivery," she says.

"All our fabric that is left over after cutting, which would normally go to waste, is donated to a group of women in India who use it to make toys and household items that they sell to support their families."


Fashion label Lavee for Gold Coast Eye fashion
Fashion label Lavee for Gold Coast Eye fashion