Baths remain a sought-after luxury item in many homes.
Baths remain a sought-after luxury item in many homes.

Style: A bath is not a thing of the past

CALL me crazy, but I love baths so much I once bought one and paid to have it installed in a rental home (though, the landlord purchased the bath when I quit the property).

There are many, though I admit they are mainly women, who feel the same as I do about the humble bath.

Many new homes and developments do not include a bath in their plans. It's a divisive issue to be sure, but it's worth exploring the options. For instance, many believe the shower to be more economical, but this is not so. The reality is, baths use about half the water that your average shower consumes.

For many, it's the space that a bath takes up that is the main consideration.

According to it is the smaller apartments comprised of one or two bedrooms that are far more likely to only have a shower.

Baths are especially popular for families with young children, as any mother would tell you.

With new materials, bath designs have never been so attractive.

There is the elegance of the cast iron claw bath replicated in lightweight, easy to clean fibreglass.

These come in a number of sizes and colours, allowing for a bath to be installed in almost any bathroom.

There are also stunning, contemporary bath designs, such as the sleek, egg shell-shaped bath that can transform the humble bathroom into a stylish haven for relaxing.