companies face fines if they use plastic bags

Struggling with the plastic bag ban? Try this invention

A TOOWOOMBA man says the solution to the single-use plastic bag ban lies in a device he created a decade ago.

Inventor Lloyd Linson-Smith said he designed a unique shopping trolley when the bag ban was first proposed.

"My wife said to me if 'I could break my shopping down into three baskets, I wouldn't need any plastic bags'," Mr Linson-Smith said.

That's exactly what he did.

The Iona personal shopping trolley has three collapsible wire baskets that can be stacked on top of each other.

The Iona personal shopping trolley folds neatly into a car boot.
The Iona personal shopping trolley. Contributed

It is also designed to stack neatly in the boot of a car.

"I made one of these, took it shopping and it worked perfectly," Mr Linson-Smith said.

Since the bag ban was brought into effect on July 1, Mr Linson-Smith has taken the trolleys he made out of storage to sell online.

He said there had been renewed interest in his product since the ban started.

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