Strange Politics: Labor website tells muppets how to talk

FEAR not, socially awkward Labor lovers who get tongue-tied and weird when Liberals spout off about "Malcolm this" and "economy that".

The bizarre ocean of the internet has your inept dinner party conversation covered. Because if something can exist, it probably does in some dark recess of the web.

In this case, a clever-dick Labor man has built a website titled "How to talk to your Liberal mate this election", a complete guide for yapping policy to "that one Liberal mate who loves to talk politics - and who thinks they're right".

Now if you want to pretend your pro-Labor leanings are based on logic and knowledge rather than inklings of disdain for those Peter Dutton sorts, you have an answer for everything.

Liberal mate says: "Mr Turnbull is an impressive character."

The website knows the perfect response: "Mr Turnbull is out of touch; he is the richest man running for office at this election and frankly it shows when he makes choices that hurt middle and working class families."

What if said dyed-in-the-wool Liberal fawner throws out an "at least Turnbull is better than Abbott on climate change"?

"Turnbull was impressive when he was leading on climate change, I agree," you must respond.

"It makes his collapse on the issue worse, not better."

Or you could use the accepted dinner party etiquette and just avoid those topics rather than rattling off some memorised propaganda.

"Gee the weather's been cold, Mavis. How's your uncle, still out Dubbo way?"


STRANGE POLITICS with Chris Calcino
STRANGE POLITICS with Chris Calcino