THE might of Sawtell will be tested by Park Beach Bowling Club Colts this weekend as both teams look to go hammer and tong in Round 4.

Sawtell are sitting comfortably on top of the table, while the Colts have been lagging in the group and sitting third.

While it is still early in the season, the Colts hope a strong performance from their middle order batsman Ian Slapp will be needed after his heroics so far in the year have given them a glimmer of hope.

So far, Slapp has a batting average of 51.7, with his highest score being 83 against Diggers in Round 2. He knows against a bowling attack such as Sawtell's, a resilient effort at the crease will be needed to post a formidable first-innings total.

Sawtell have made a habit of closing out matches by the consistent bowling attacks that have been the linchpin of their season so far.

After the first-round loss to Colts in the first round, Sawtell will be looking to bring their good form to Leisure Park on Saturday afternoon. The other Round 4 game will be against Bellinger Valley and Plantation Diggers at Rowe Oval.

PBBC Colts v Sawtell, Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park
Bellinger Valley v Plantation Diggers, Rowe Oval