Staffy’s jaw detached from gums by would-be burglar

A HERO dog is lucky to be alive after a would-be burglar savagely bashed the family pet during a break-in last week.

It was about 7.30am on Friday when Sarah Greenway locked up her Wynnum home, with the family's five-year-old staffy Basil inside, to go run some errands.

But the young mum was horrified hours later to receive a call from her vet to say Basil had been found injured, looking like he had been "hit by a car".

On arrival at the vet Ms Greenway found Basil covered in blood, with his jaw detached from his gums.

"I didn't believe it was him at first, I couldn't figure out how he got out." Ms Greenway told The Sunday Mail.

"I put him inside because someone had broken our yard's gate earlier in the week.

"We should've seen that as a sign - someone had tried to break in."

Ms Greenway and her partner Gary came home to discover large chunks taken out of their windows from a supposed blunt forced entry.

She said she has suspicions that the thieves were not targeting their house, but Basil himself.

"There's been some strange activity in the area, I've seen about 4-5 posts on the local groups about dogs just being found in the streets, most of them being staffies too," she said.

Sarah Greenway, 25, with Mia McAlister, 3, and their hero dog Basil. Picture: Jamie Hanson
Sarah Greenway, 25, with Mia McAlister, 3, and their hero dog Basil. Picture: Jamie Hanson

Despite no items being stolen, the thieves did leave a large trail of blood that ran along the floor inside the house and outside.

"Basil must've had a go at them when they entered the house. We have two kids under four and he's normally a placid dog, so they must've done something to rile him up," she said.

It's believed during the altercation the burglar hit Basil's jaw with a steel bat-like object, leaving him with a gap in his mouth and missing parts of his gums and teeth.

"He had emergency surgery last Friday, and he's having another surgery this Friday to help reinforce the gums and nerves in his mouth," Ms Greenway said.

"It breaks my heart everyday watching him struggle to eat, or even when he yawns, and all his front teeth are gone.

"He shouldn't be forced to lose all of that because he did his job and protected our home."

A GoFundMe page has since been set up for the heroic pup, with more than $2500 being raised to help with his ongoing surgeries and treatments.

"Those donations have completely blown the family away," Ms Greenway said. "Even with everything going on, it's shown me that people care about us and they care about Basil."

"Even though it's been hard for me to sleep and being kept on edge - having that financial support to be able to help Baz has been a blessing."

Originally published as Staffy's jaw detached from gums by would-be burglar