Lismore Court hears a spiralling ice addiction cost trio $55,000 in five months.
Lismore Court hears a spiralling ice addiction cost trio $55,000 in five months. Contributed

Mum, dad, son spend $55,000 on drugs in five months

A KYOGLE mother and her 23-year-old son have told a Lismore court how their spiralling ice addiction saw them and a third person blow an estimated $55,000 on the destructive drug in five months.

Nicola New, 44, and son Richard John Matthews are facing sentencing in Lismore District Court for supply of more than 140g of methamphetamine, and other charges.

Between May and September last year police intercepted phone calls and texts implicating the mother and son alongside Matthews' father Thomas John Kedwell, aka John Matthews, in the purchase of shipments of the drug from Queensland.

Both have pleaded guilty: New to the supply of 141g and Matthews to the supply of 176g.

But during the sentencing hearing yesterday the pair gave evidence that most of the drugs were for personal use.

New, a mother of three, told the court how she had tried the drug occasionally "at parties" but her habit ramped up following a personal tragedy.

By early 2016 the trio were arranging cross-border purchases of between 1.5g and 28g at a time to satiate the habit. Most was used "between the three of us", New told the court.

Matthews said he first tried ice when he was 18 and within a year was using daily. His father condoned and even made drugs "available" once Matthews started down the path.

"Looking back on it, just looking at what it's done to my family, it's been (incredibly) destructive," he said.

The trio were arrested in early September and New and Matthews spent some two months in prison before being released on bail.

Both mother and son had ceased their drug use entirely since their spell in custody and had good prospects for rehabilitation, the court heard.

Matthews, who has a newborn daughter, told Judge Wells he "simply didn't have time to relapse".

Judge Wells has adjourned the final sentencing until today.