South Grafton woman fined for throwing coffee at police

A SOUTH Grafton woman who threw a cup of coffee at a police officer and resisted arrest during a traffic stop in Casino has received a fine.

Bridget Roberts, 43, was sentenced in Grafton Local Court on Tuesday and convicted of resist or hinder police officer in the execution of duty, assault police officer in execution of duty without actual bodily harm, refuse or fail to submit to taking of blood sample and drive vehicle, illicit drug present in blood.

According to the police fact sheet tendered to the court, about 8.40pm on October 29, 2019, officers from Richmond Police District were patrolling Oak Ave, Casino when a vehicle drove behind them and honked a number of times.

The fact sheet said police slowed and, out of concern the driver was trying to flag them down, stopped, however the vehicle pulled out and overtook the police car, accelerated erratically past police and a passenger stuck his head out the window and shouted "f---ing c----".

Police were about to stop the vehicle but it slammed on its breaks causing a screeching noise and stopped in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic.

Roberts got out of the car and was verbally aggressive to police, and the male passenger was also aggressive, saying to police "you want to go?".

A third bystander approached police, and fearing a confrontation an officer used capsicum spray on the vehicle passenger.

While this was going on, Roberts provided police with her driver's licence but refused repeated directions to step off the road and remained in the middle of the street, abusing police.

After some questioning by police Roberts returned to her car and got a cup of coffee which she then threw in the face of one of the officers before charging at the second, swinging one closed hand holding a mobile phone in the officer's face.

Roberts was sprayed with OC spray, and as police attempted to arrest her she continued to resist and struggle against the police trying to handcuff her.

Eventually Roberts was detained and taken to Casino Police Station and later to Casino Hospital for blood and urine testing, where she refused to give blood.

In Grafton Local Court on Tuesday, magistrate Kathy Crittenden ordered Roberts to pay fines totalling $1100 and was disqualified from driving for six months.