COMING SOON: Bonville Golf Resort's Brad Daymond and Graeme Martin are excited to open Bayside Bar and Grill.
COMING SOON: Bonville Golf Resort's Brad Daymond and Graeme Martin are excited to open Bayside Bar and Grill. Trevor Veale

Something grilling: Pac Bay readies to open new restaurant

PACIFIC Bay is set to open up its freshened up restaurant just months after it was bought by Bonville Golf Resort.

The re-named Bayside Bar and Grill will open this Friday, giving the Coffs Coast a new flavour and creating more jobs.

Since the Advocate broke the news Pacific Bay had been closed and sold by Novotel, restorations have been ongoing since January to bring it up to the group's other resorts at Bonville and Sydney.

"Bonville Golf Resort and Jonah's Restaurant & Boutique Hotel (at Whale Bay, Sydney) continue to win many awards and hopefully it will not be long before Pacific Bay Resort enters the winners circle,” Bonville Golf Resort Executive General Manager Brad Daymond said.

"We're delighted to be able to re-open the property and begin to incrementally improve the offering to match that of our other properties in Whale Beach and Bonville.”

Since taking ownership, the Village Centre has been painted inside and interior design works have been undertaken in reception, bar and restaurant.

Bayside Bar and Grill will dish up a modern Australian and Italian menu designed by head chef Migo Razon.

"Our focus will be on using locally sourced ingredients to create modern dishes with an emphasis on flavour,” Bonville Golf Resorts' Executive Chef Darren Ryan said.

Guests will enjoy a selection of a la carte dishes, fresh house made pasta, seafood, gourmet pizzas and desserts.

As restoration works continue to the rest of the resort, it will continue to offer two gyms, the Tranquility Day Spa and on-site hairdresser.

Negotiations are ongoing over the use of the elite training centre and associated buildings west of the Pacific Highway.

The resort is currently processing applications from owners of apartments at Pacific Bay Resort to join a rental pool operated by the resort owners.

Aa marketing program for events, conferences, weddings and other activities will begin for the benefit of the owners in the resort's rental pool known as the Pacific Bay Resort Letting Pool.

Pacific Bay hass one of the largest conference facilities on the Coffs Coast, capable of catering for more than 500.

Bookings at Bayside Bar and Grill are essential. To book, phone 6659 7000 or visit

Now hiring

  • Since Bonville Golf Resort management took over Pacific Bay, it has been responsible for hiring more than 30 new staff members.
  • It still needs skilled food and beverage attendants and chefs to join the team.
  • To apply, email hr@pacific