SNAKES ALIVE: A carpet snake makes two pet parrots its brunch at an Avoca home.
SNAKES ALIVE: A carpet snake makes two pet parrots its brunch at an Avoca home. Tanya Wogandt

Snake makes a meal of Bundy woman's pet parrots

REPTILES are on the move in Bundy, from crocodiles in the Burnett to snakes in Avoca.

One woman was shocked to see her pair of conure parrots eaten by a carpet snake this morning.

Tanya Wogandt said Connie and Conrad had been part of the family for about two years before they became brunch for the slithering animal.

"I will be buying wire today to attach to my cages that prevents snakes from getting in," she told the NewsMail.

"I have had birds for years and never had this happen before.

"I didn't think that snakes would be able to get through, but my friend Sherree Scott said they can easily get in.

"We are just going to relocate the snake in another area as if we relocate it around here it will just return."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Ms Wogandt's pets have been taken by a snake.

"We live over the back of Avoca and every year we have snakes around," she said.

"November 18, 2016 our 16-year-old pet dog was put to sleep because of a suspected brown snake bite.

"When we found her she was in a bad way and by the time we got her to the vet she was having seizures."

With the summer season in full swing, Ms Wogandt said it's the prefect time for people to get some education in relation to snake-proofing their bird cages and keeping their feathered friends safe.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection recommends elevating trays of aviaries and nurseries, storing bird seed in rodent-proof containers and talking to your pet shop about ways to prevent snakes entering aviaries.

"When gardening, wear gloves, long pants and covered shoes," the EHP says.

"Always lift objects so that they face away from you. This reduces the likelihood of putting yourself in a dangerous situation if a snake is sheltering underneath."

The snake was relocated by a local snake catcher.

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