Snake catcher warns 'poisonous' snake diagram is false

SUNSHINE Coast snake catcher Richie Gilbert is warning others not to believe an image doing the rounds online that shows how to tell if a snake is "poisonous" or "non-poisonous". 

Mr Gilbert shared the image on his Facebook page saying: "Please if you see this image come across your news feed DO NOT share it, do not believe and most of all please do not send it to me."

He said he would be "a very happy man" if he never had to see this image and explain that it is false again.

"I have to wonder who put this together as they called snakes 'poisonous'. Anyone that knows anything about snakes would correctly refer to them as venomous." 

He said it seems the image is based on snakes in the USA, although he's not sure the diagram is "even reliable for over there".

"There is no one single rule that can help distinguish between venomous and non-venomous here in Australia," he said.

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