Skinny dip, sleazy touch brings shame to miner

A MINE worker ruined his career and a good community life in Dysart after he exposed himself, and inappropriately groped girls.

The offences took place at a beachside barbecue held by work mates. It brought him shame, causing him to resign his job.

Evan Alexander Morrison, 55, must serve at least three months jail after pleading guilty in the District Court at Mackay to wilfully attempting to expose a child to an indecent act on February 15 last year.

He also pleaded guilty to two separate counts of wilfully exposing his genitals to offend another person, and two counts of indecent assault (on two different girls).

The court heard Morrison was affected by alcohol at the time of his offences.

Judge Brian Harrison said he must impose a jail term, saying Morrison had been persistent in his offending.

"You cruelly abused their hospitality," he said.

He sentenced Morrison to 12 months jail and ordered his sentence be suspended for three years after serving three months.

"You worked 24 years at the mine and that ceased because of shame," Judge Harrison said.

"You were an active member of the community and now all of that is tarnished by your stupidity.

"He's thrown away his entire life for what he's done."

Defence barrister Stephen Byrne said Morrison had been a volunteer fire fighter and involved in many community events. He said the offences were at the lower end of the scale.

He resigned his job of 24 years and had to sell his home and move away because of the shame.

Emily Coley for the Crown said Morrison asked two girls if they had been skinny-dipping then took off his clothes exposing his genitals and buttocks before going for a swim. He later squeezed the breasts of one girl (outside of her clothes).