Janelle Ann Hall leaves Southport District Court. Picture Lea Emery
Janelle Ann Hall leaves Southport District Court. Picture Lea Emery

Mum's ‘sexy time’ with teen girl foiled by cops

A SINGLE mum who tried to arrange a "sexy" encounter with a 14-year-old girl and her mother was foiled when an undercover cop showed up at the arranged surf club meeting.

Janelle Ann Hall, 46, had responded to a fake ad posted by Queensland Police officers on website Craigslist offering a "mother and daughter" experience.

Hall, who cares for her ill 13-year-old, will not spend any time in jail after she pleaded guilty in Southport District Court yesterday to one count of using the internet to procure a child.

Judge Katherine McGinness instead suspended the 18 month prison sentence for an operational period of 18 months due to "exceptional circumstances".

Prosecutor Kathleen Christopherson said police posted the ad on Craigslist and in November last year Hall responded.

"She has responded to that and suggested that the mother and daughter and herself play out a 'sexy time'," Ms Christopherson said.

She said Hall sent more than 205 messages about what she wanted to do with the mother and her 14-year-old girl.

"She was reminded of the daughter's age," Ms Christopherson said.

"She expressed explicit desires."

Hall arranged to meet the mother and daughter at a Gold Coast surf club which was when police struck.

Ms Christopherson said that by coming to the surf club Hall had shown the text messages were "more than just ideal fantasy" and she planned to carry her thoughts through.

Defence barrister Bernard Reilly said Hall had three adult children and two young sons aged 10 and 13.

Mr Reilly said the 13-year-old boy suffered from a type of autism, Tourette syndrome and epilepsy.

He said a psychiatric report showed Hall was struggling with mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

"She struggled to explain how she was caught up in something she would usually find obnoxious," Mr Reilly said.

He said Hall's only other criminal history was some dated drugs matters in New South Wales.

Ms McGinness said she found Hall had "exceptional circumstances" due to her role as sole carer of her teenage sons, her mental health issues and that it was out of character.

Under Queensland law, people convicted of sexual offences involving children must spend actual time in prison unless they can prove they have "exceptional circumstances".