Police claimed the Gympie trafficker had 23 bags inside a package. (FILE)
Police claimed the Gympie trafficker had 23 bags inside a package. (FILE) Contributed

Short gun a big problem

A SHORTENED firearm was among a long list of problems for a drug trafficker.

Damian Joel Buckley, 26 trafficked a "variety of drugs" for about three months, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The Gympie man, originally from Maryborough, pleaded guilty to more than 15 drug and weapons charges.

Justice James Douglas said a desire to make money inspired the trafficking.

"You wanted some extra cash but it was not as extensive in time or in quantity as some other types of trafficking," the judge told Buckley at Brisbane Supreme Court.

Buckley was also charged for having a shortened firearm, drug utensils and tainted property.

Prosecutors said in September 2016 police caught Buckley with a clipseal bag he had tried hiding.

And inside that bag were 23 smaller bags contained ice weighing about 1.77g in total.

Defence counsel Simone Bain said Buckley worked in hospitality from the age of 14.

He had also built sheds and now a "mentor" had offered him work again.

"He's got the support of his family, the support of his employer," Ms Bain added.

Buckley had already spent 701 days in custody, the court heard.

"It's encouraging to hear that you have had the chance to reflect on your life in custody," Justice Douglas told the 26-year-old.

Buckley was given four years' jail, suspended.

The suspended sentence is operational for five years.

During that time, he cannot leave Queensland without permission.

The court heard Buckley must also get medical treatment if authorities tell him to. -NewsRegional