Matthew Deans

Shoppers leave your dogs at home

Letters to the Editor

MY eight-year-old daughter and I came around the end of an aisle in a local auto parts store on April 13 and we were shocked to find ourselves face-to-face with a large dog, off leash, in a store.

Your dog is probably lovely but I don't know that.

This is becoming a frequent occurrence in Coffs, especially in hardware stores.

I wonder if the store managers have considered the potential legal ramifications?

If they allow dogs in their store, they're responsible for whatever that dog may do. Furthermore, they may be losing customers.

We as a family, visit dog-free beaches due to the prevalence of irresponsible dog owners and the last thing I want to see while shopping is the terrified face of my child after encountering a large unknown dog unexpectedly in a shop.

People may love your dog but many may not like to see it somewhere it shouldn't be.

I am a dog lover by the way, I adore them. But they are dogs, not people. Leave the dog home when you go shopping.

Brad Bourchier, Coffs Harbour

Never think your vote doesn't count

INNOCENT lives depend on how we vote on May 8 - and how we speak up on their behalf.

If you vote for the Coalition, you vote for a party whose leader has just spent $185 million of taxpayer money to reopen and staff Christmas Island with the intention of closing it again in July.

So far only one asylum seeker was to have gone there for treatment but had to go instead to Australia because this place was not equipped to treat him.

Mr Morrison also recently appeared on the media in a meeting with Jacinda Arden, NZ's inspirational, compassionate leader.

His 'compassion' about the Christchurch massacre was nauseatingly false, given that his party has no intention of showing any of it towards the innocent souls they continue to keep incarcerated in Manus and on Nauru under torturous conditions, using our taxes and, worse still, in our name.

Yet how can we vote for Labor when Shorten will make no commitment to releasing these traumatised people?

If he won't take a stand about this shameful situation during election time, he's hardly likely to once in office.

We're at a seriously low ebb politically, as most voters are now well aware.

It's only we, the voters, who can call out the dysfunctional 'democracy' - by speaking out loudly and constantly and by looking to more enlightened independent candidates.

Sue Ferris

Figuring out our climate impact

IN reply to Siobhan Holmes' Letter to the Editor on April 13.

A couple of facts that all these climate-catastrophe pundits never seem to mention.

Carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of the earth's atmosphere - the rest is produced naturally.

Of this 0.04%, 3.4% is produced by humans.

If you do the sums this means that humans are responsible for 0.00136% of CO2 emissions. (Check it up on Google).

Of this 0.00136% of world CO2 emissions caused by humans, Australia contributes 1.3%.

Again if you do the sums, this means that Australia is responsible for 0.0000169% of the world's CO2 emissions.

So if we shut every coal-fired power station, stopped every car, truck, train and plane, shut down every business, killed every farting cow and went back to living in the dark ages...

I'd like Siobhan to try and explain to me how this would make one iota of difference to this climate catastrophe.

Bruce Nicholson, Coffs Harbour

A seven cent split versus no sense

THE odds for election may only favour Rob Oakeshott by seven cents but it makes absolutely no sense in returning another Nationals candidate.

A friend of mine once said: "If you want more of what you've got, keep on doing what you're doing.”

The ineptitude of our outgoing representative, who seems to have disappeared, is not something we want to repeat.

Television advertising has tried to denigrate Rob Oakeshott during his time in the Gillard government.

That criticism was and is unwarranted and only indicates the effectiveness of having an independent to represent our electorate.

No mention of the Coffs Harbour bypass or any additional funding in the recent budget and no guarantee that we will get the tunnels we so passionately need.

The vote for an independent candidate is a vote for a real and effective voice in whichever party forms government.

Bob Kennedy, Toormina

The Nationals know the bush best

COWPER is lucky to have the prospect of voting for a fine candidate like Patrick Conaghan, who will follow the party's legacy in politics for our area.

Oakeshott on the other hand showed his true colours in helping install the worst government Australia has seen and we're still paying for that.

Frank Schofield