Shooters, Fishers and Farmers a no-show for hemp crop debate

The Greens have lambasted the would-be Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party for failing to turn up for a debate on the legalisation of hemp production for food.

Shooters and Fishers upper house members Robert Borsak and Robert Brown did not show up for the discussions or cast a vote.

Just yesterday, the party announced it had applied to the NSW Electoral Commission to include "farmers" in its name because "farmers, like shooters and fishers, have been largely neglected and oppressed by the major parties and the Greens".

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham had a few choice words to say about their absence.

"It's pretty slack," he said.

"They've missed an opportunity - the first motion before the house to talk about agricultural issues since their rebranding.

"I think they didn't know what to do."

"They didn't want to support a Greens motion, so they didn't turn up."

The Shooters and Fishers later clarified they did support hemp food production in NSW.

"We support food-grade and industrial hemp farming, esp. as the water requirements are low," they confirmed on Twitter. -APN NEWSDESK