The Facebook post where the woman reveals how lonely she is. Photo: Facebook
The Facebook post where the woman reveals how lonely she is. Photo: Facebook

Shock response to lonely single mum’s viral post

Who says the Glitter Strip is a city without a soul?

A desperately lonely single mum who took to a Gold Coast community Facebook page asking for help has been inundated with dozens of offers of friendship and advice.

In a raw post at the weekend on the Gold Coast Community Facebook - a forum for everything from how to find a good tradie to relationship advice - the anonymous woman told how she was feeling 'totally alone, depressed and isolated'.

"I'm embarrassed to be writing this but I'm just not sure where else to go," she posted.

"I'm a 32-year-old woman with hardly any real friends. I don't know where they've all gone. "Some moved away and the rest are married and living different life's (sic).

"My kids are at their dad's this weekend for the first time in ages and I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Not even anyone to call.

"I work full time and have the kids. I've just started dating again but I feel I have nothing to offer. I've had casual sex with a few guys but it just made me feel awful afterwards. I don't have hobbies as such.

"I feel totally alone, depressed and isolated. Any suggestions? Please …"

The Facebook post where the woman reveals how lonely she is. Photo: Facebook
The Facebook post where the woman reveals how lonely she is. Photo: Facebook

The Gold Coast is often portrayed as superficial and soulless.

But the lonely woman's post has attracted more than 100 comments, as compassionate Gold Coasters wrapped their arms around her.

Suggestions have included joining a gym or bootcamp, social hiking or photography group, martial arts classes and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

But many have offered to be the woman's friend.

"Please reach out to me," posted Erika McConnochie.

"I am happy to be an ear to listen, shoulder to cry on or someone to hug. Everyone needs someone."

Another woman, Emma Duncan, posted: "I'd love to have a coffee or a drink, send me a message and we can meet up."

Peggy Carrington also reached out to the woman.

"Never feel like you have nothing to offer babe,' she posted. "I have kids 12, 11, 7. Feel free to message me anytime xx."

Mick Lester wrote: "Happy to drink or have a meal sometime if you are lonely. No strings, zero expectations. Holla if keen."

The woman's post also shone a light on the problem of loneliness on the ostensibly social Gold Coast, with many people sharing feelings of isolation.

Some said they had moved to the Coast from interstate and found it hard to make friends, with one man saying he was 'as lonely as hell'.

Shaun Massina said he moved to the Coast from Brisbane in 2007 for work and 'I'm still never really sure I've truly found my place'.

"I have always found the GC so much harder to make friends," he posted.

Other people encouraged the woman to take time out and enjoy her own company.

"Take some time to relax and look after you,' posted Maria Koulouris.

"Cook yourself a nice dinner or order in. Nice glass of wine, pamper yourself, watch a feel good movie etc. Being a single mum and working full time is really hard.

"You sacrifice so much for everyone else , you deserve time out."

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