Matthew Anderson Gair says he sold drugs to make ends meet after he was diagnosed with cancer.
Matthew Anderson Gair says he sold drugs to make ends meet after he was diagnosed with cancer. monkeybusinessimages

SES volunteer sells drugs to make ends meet after cancer

A STATE Emergency Service volunteer sold marijuana across the Sunshine Coast for almost two years to make ends meet after he had disabling cancer surgery.

When cops raided Matthew Anderson Gair's home, they found evidence of him selling drugs to 21 customers over 22 months.

He averaged 10 sales of marijuana monthly.

Police found him in possession of $17,930 and various items related to the use or sale of the illicit substances.

His main stash of drugs was hidden in a padlocked room underneath his home.

Customers would come to his home or he would meet them at public places, with one of the Sunshine Coast's Repco stores being a key handover point for the dealer.

Police could not quantify his profit, but they were able to determine he was selling differing amounts of the drug - ranging from 226g for $1900 to 453g for $3500.

He was charged with six offences, including one each of trafficking and possession of a dangerous drug.

He pleaded guilty to all charges when he faced Maroochydore District Court in April and was sentenced to three years in jail with parole eligibility in January 2020.

During his sentencing, the court heard the father of one had ongoing health problems including bad lungs, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.

Some years ago he had surgery to deal with bowel cancer, which left him having to carry a special medical bag on his waist.

"His cannabis use increased and became his source of income apart from Centrelink payments," court papers reveal.

After his arrest he attended the QMERIT program and tried to wean himself off the drugs.

Unhappy with the nine-month parole date handed down in April, Gair asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to release him earlier, claiming his "efforts towards rehabilitation" were deserving of a much shorter time behind bars.

The court delivered its judgment this week, saying the sentencing judge had not erred in the decision and that he had taken into account Gair's attempts to rehabilitate and his medical issues.

This means Gair will remain behind bars until January. - NewsRegional