Local Land Services are working with farmers to provide a strong industry.
Local Land Services are working with farmers to provide a strong industry.

Securing the future by building stronger farms

THE State chair of the Local Land Services Board, Richard Bull, visited the North Coast this week to meet local landholders and better understand the region. He was welcomed by North Coast Local Land Services chair, Bob Smith, board members and staff.

Richard Bull said of the visit: "Since my appointment as chair of the Local Land Services board I continue to hear so many great examples of the team in the North Coast region helping land managers with their knowledge, networks and experience.

"Local Land Services is helping secure the future of farming and the environment across New South Wales.

"Our projects and partnerships grow farm productivity and healthy environments but also play a vital role in helping to protect against pests, diseases and environmental threats," Mr Bull said

Mr Smith said he was pleased to host Mr Bull and introduce local board members and staff: "The Local Land Services team works hard to help the community protect the reputation of our clean, green environment and agricultural produce and that is particularly relevant here on the North Coast.

"We are home to the third most biodiverse region in Australia and one of the state's most diverse agricultural industries.

"It's good to see Richard travelling around early to meet local staff and boards and it's important that our staff are able to discuss local issues and opportunities with him." Mr Smith said.

Mr Bull finished his visit on a positive note: "I know the issues affecting farmers and the community on the North Coast are different to those in other parts of New South Wales and that's why it is so important to ensure our regional Local Land Services are best placed to deliver services that address those needs.

"This week has seen the country celebrate the contribution of farmers on National Agriculture Day and during my visit I had the opportunity to see how Local Land Services is working with macadamia and blueberry farmers to deliver real productivity and ensure protection of natural assets for farmers and communities in the future.

"I look forward to working with our customers, partners, stakeholders and investors over the coming months to build an even stronger Local Land Services on the North Coast and across NSW."