The man killed five cats and sat on a sixth. Picture: File photo/istock
The man killed five cats and sat on a sixth. Picture: File photo/istock

Serial cat killer: ‘I’m f***ed up’

A YOUNG man killed five of his former girlfriend's cats intending to make them feel pain and caused prolonged suffering to a sixth animal by sitting on it, a court has heard.

The man pleaded guilty to six "cruel and grotesque" serious animal cruelty offences in the Brisbane District Court today.

The court was told police became involved after the woman confronted the man, now 20, when the final cat was killed in a town west of Rockhampton in November 2017.

He told her "I'm f***** up" when she arrived home after he contacted her asking to bathe one of the cats because it had been in a fight with another cat. He said he wanted to clean the blood off one of the animals. The woman told him not to.

But when she returned home with her brother they found a cat dead in the corner of a room.

Distressed, the pair asked where a second cat was, and he said he did not know. It was at this point the pair heard a muffled "meow" coming from underneath the man.

After the man was struck multiple times he finally stood up and the pair discovered a seriously injured kitten underneath him.

The woman later told police the man had killed four cats in various ways previously.

The court was told the young man, who cannot be identified because the charges are domestic violence offences, had suffered a traumatic upbringing which included abuse in foster care.

The court was told he had not offended since co-operating with police 18 months ago.

The man was sentenced to three years' prison which was suspended for five years.

He was ordered to serve three years' probation and cannot own domestic animals.