A lightning and thunder storm rumbled over Coffs Harbour overnight.
A lightning and thunder storm rumbled over Coffs Harbour overnight. Frank Redward

Sensational storm signals wet week ahead

A lightning storm over Coffs Harbour in the early hours of the morning put on a stunning light show for those few who were awake at the time.

Storm chasers with their cameras had ample opportunity to catch a great photo like the one above taken by Frank Redward.

A total of 25mm of rain was recorded at Coffs Harbour Airport last night, the majority of which fell between 8pm and 10pm.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology's forecast there's plenty more rain on the way.

Today's forecast is for a 90% chance of showers with possibly heavy rain this evening. Totals between 10mm and 20mm of rain are expected.

Tomorrow's outlook is just as gloomy.

While the forecast maximum temperatures for the weekend are a pleasant 25 degrees, tomorrow's rain levels are expected to reach anywhere between 10mm and 30mm.

Large amounts of rain are forecast for every one of the next seven days with Tuesday looking the wettest of the lot at this stage.

Tuesday's forecast is for rain totals in the 25mm to 70mm range.

Anzac Day services could be wet as rainfall of between 10mm and 25mm is expected on Wednesday.

The temperatures may be warm over the next few days but children on school holidays are a good chance of going stir crazy indoors.

Saturday 25 Partly cloudy. 90% chance of 10-20mm of rain.
Sunday   25 Cloudy. 90% chance of 10-30mm of rain.
Monday   24 Cloudy. 95% chance of 8-20mm of rain.
Tuesday  24 Cloudy. 95% chance of 25-70mm of rain.
Wednesday 24 Partly cloudy. 90% chance of 10-25mm of rain.
Thursday 25 Partly cloudy. 90% chance of 8-25mm of rain.
Friday   25 Partly cloudy. 80% chance of 8-20mm of rain.

  • If you have any great images of last night's storm, please send them through to advocate@coffscoastadvocate.com.au .


An upper level pool of cold air has been causing showers and thunderstorms over parts of NSW and Queensland during the last two days, some of which have been severe.

Further storms are likely in northeast NSW this weekend as another upper-level trough moves over the region. While most of this weekend's storms will be fairly benign, some could become severe.

At this stage, a low pressure trough is expected to deepen near the east coast early in the week, which may cause wind and rain to increase near the coast of northern NSW.

Some models suggest that a low pressure system could form within this trough, possibly as an east coast low. It's still too early to tell whether or not an east coast low will develop, and where the worst impacts would be should such a system form.