See what stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week.
See what stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week.

See what stories got the Coffs Coast talking

From a bizarre public apology to plans for a 24-hour gym and craft brewery in the one Coffs CBD block, these stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week:


Matt Damon skips NSW hotel quarantine

Hollywood heavyweight Matt Damon has begun 14 days of private quarantine after jetting Down Under with his family last week to begin filming the Marvel blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Damon family will isolate at a private residence in New South Wales at their own expense for the duration of the two weeks prior to filming.

"I'm so excited that my family and I will be able to call Australia home for the next few months," Damon said in a statement.

Full story here

Elizabeth Anne O'Sullivan - My sister just received her $3000 bill for her two week quarantine in Sydney. She had no choice. She would have been happy to isolate at home with her family after being apart for over a year. It's not right that some get to do as they please while others are expected to pay over $10,000 to fly home and then cop a $3000 quarantine bill. Where is our sense of justice eh ?

Debbie Leahy - One thing this pandemic has shown us is the huge divide between rich and poor.

Lorraine Penn - Amazing how the purchase of $22 million dollar home in Byron can change quarantine rules.

Chantel Galwey - Who cares as long as he's isolating.

Donna Houghton - Why does he get to skip quarantine? Apparently if you're a rich movie star you get different rules.

Nat Goulden - Why does he get exemption? This is a disgrace. Who does he think he is. David Bowie?

Janette Donnelly - And what has Gladys said about this.

Bizarre open letter says Arkan a 'victim' in blueberry case

A public apology to Coffs Harbour City Councillor John Arkan, purporting to have been written by his "ex-wife" Surinder Kaur, has been posted on social media.

The author apologises for causing him "great public embarrassment and trauma" and wishes him well in the future saying she will "pray to the universe that you get to fulfil your dream of becoming a senator".

Coffs Harbour City Councillor John Arkan.
Coffs Harbour City Councillor John Arkan.

The author describes Cr Arkan as a "victim" in the recent legal case in which he was ordered to pay more than $130k in damages and court costs for selling a particular strain of blueberry without the appropriate licence.


Paul Shoker - Very fishy. Who issues such a media release. The best service Mr Arkan can give the community is walking away from public life. This man attracts controversy wherever he goes. It's time to step away from public office and look at some self reflection

Loraine Mackenzie - Paul Shoker, Who issues such a media release? Maybe someone who is sick of seeing a person copping the blame for petty things while the more powerful offenders who cause so much damage politically, professionally and personally manage to stay squeaky clean.

John has paid the price for the things he has been accused of through the legal system but that's not enough for the grubs who want to bring him down.

Marie Faw - I wish he would retire from politics. It concerns me to read this letter from his estranged wife. Unfortunately takes me back to past issues involving John Arkan driving unregistered vehicles.

Annette Mavin - Wow so many perfect people in Coffs Harbour

Aaron Ves - Time to go Mr Arkan

Unusual combination - the Coffs harbour CBD site will see a gym at the front and brewery out the back.
Unusual combination - the Coffs harbour CBD site will see a gym at the front and brewery out the back.

Plans for gym and craft brewery in one Coffs CBD location

A CBD block will house both a 24-hour gym and craft brewery if plans submitted to Coffs Harbour City Council are approved.

The front of the site at 41 Grafton Street will be the new home of Coffs Harbour Anytime Fitness which is currently located at 92 Harbour Drive.

Plans had already been approved in March 2020 to establish a King Tide craft brewery at the rear of the block.

The existing premises at the front are currently partially occupied by a furniture showroom.


Rohan Clear - Coffs doesn't need anymore gyms. We need something like a Timezone

Lorraine Penn - What a brewery at the gym?

Megan Louise - Why does Coffs Harbour need yet another gym!

Michelle Stewart - Why so much focus on the Central Business District? What about the rest of Coffs Harbour? The Jetty area would be a much better location for this type of business.

Rob Trezise - Too true. The Coffs Harbour Local Government area is much more than the small area of the CBD. Too often I think people forget this.

Kirby Burton - Can't wait for the brewery

Andrew Anderson - Tom Mudge then I might go to the gym lol

Jaclyn Vanessa Jenkins - I hope someone in power takes notice of the HOUSING CRISIS so our locals can enjoy these new developments instead of worrying about where they will sleep that night.