A leopard seal in poor condition on Brooms Head beach earlier in the week.
A leopard seal in poor condition on Brooms Head beach earlier in the week.

SEARCH: Sick seal missing on our beaches

A LEOPARD seal seen on beaches around the Brooms Head/Sandon area early last week in poor condition has gone missing, and authorities are looking for information to help find the animal.

However they warn members of the public to give the animal a wide berth and contact Dolphin Marine Magic if they spot it.

The seal was reported to National Parks and Wildlife and rescue group ORRCA early last week was found at Brooms Head three days ago, and Dolphin Marine Magic veterinarian said it had been in poor condition, but its demeanour had improved.

However, reports of its condition dropping even further and movement reducing led them to again try to get to the animal with no luck.

"We think it may be getting to the water at night and drifting," Dolphin Marine Magic veterinarian Duan March said. "It was on Sandon Beach last night, but it's not on that beach this morning, and we've been searching south along beaches at Minnie Water and Wooli but haven't found it."

Mr March said despite the poor condition of the leopard seal, he urged the public to give the animal a wide berth.

"They can be really aggressive. They're not particularly mobile, but still can be aggressive if they're disturbed," he said.

"Especially if you've got dog, give it a wide berth, and gives us or ORRCA a call."

Mr March said that if the condition of the animal further deteriorated, they decision may be made to euthanise the seal.

"But we've got to find it first and have another look," he said.

Dolphin Marine Magic marketing manager Leah Holmes said that they had previously treated a leopard seal that presented with a stingray barb stuck in it, but was unable to confirm whether it was the same seal.